An Ode To The Halo 9000 Phone Charger by Maddie Thumma

An Ode To The Halo 9000 Phone Charger

March 04, 2017

Let’s talk about the HALO 9000 Phone Charger­–We Love It!


Okay, so if you don’t know yet, this is the HALO 9000 Phone Charger:



It’s often featured on our social media and is pretty much the most convenient portable charger ever. It’s compatible with all iPhones, Android Phones, basic cell phones, tablets and gaming devices as well as any device that can be charged with a Standard USB Cable. Which is completely insane because it’s so small. You’d think with its’ small size that the charge wouldn’t hold that long, right? Wrong. It’s crazy powerful. But don’t just take the word of this writer,  here's why our HALO staff love this product:

"My favorite product is the 9000. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and can charge my phone whenever I need it to for a whole week.”

-Brandon Stinson, Customer Experience Associate


"My favorite Halo by far is the Halo 9000 – not only does it keep me powered for days on end with constant use of social & other apps on my device (iPhone 6S), but I can also pair my Halo 9000 with my #OOTD (outfit of the day).  The different snakeskin and crocodile prints add an edgy flair to my ensemble.”

-Dominique Travali, Executive Assistant


You can trust HALO to deliver the power and the style when it comes to the HALO 9000. Seriously, why would you get any other portable charger except for a HALO?

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