#FashionTech in 2017 by Maddie Thumma

#FashionTech in 2017

January 04, 2017

#FashionTech in 2017

Fashion tech is the wave of the future. More fashion brands are partnering with tech companies to bring stylish fashion tech direct to the consumer. This past year we’ve witnessed a greater number of mergers of fashion and technology, from Rebecca Minkoff’s #runwaytoretail campaign, to Misha Nonoo’s live lookbook on Refinery29’s Snapchat account. Even Instagram has become a shoppable lookbook for countless brands.

The blend of fashion tech doesn’t end with how brands interact with consumers; wearable tech also had a big year. Major companies like FitBit, Apple and Samsung are all big players in wearable tech like fitness trackers and smart watches. However, wearable tech isn't limited to just watches. AR and VR are generating a lot of buzz and are expected to make a big showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starting this week. Keep an eye out for wearable tech in 2017.

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