Gifts For Your Graduate by Maddie Thumma

Gifts For Your Graduate

May 22, 2017

Wondering what to get the graduate in your family, look no further. Here's your chance to give a gift that's cool, trendy and practical!  Here are a few ideas we know your grad will love:

The PowerHub 5000 mAh portable charging station is perfect for the college-bound student. With a limited number of outlets in common areas and the library, students are always looking for an outlet to charge their phone or tablet. The PowerHub charges up to six USB devices at once, making it perfect for a group of friends. Your grad will be the most popular kid on campus with this sleek, modern charger.

The Halo 3000 PowerPatch portable charger is perfect for the grad on the go. Featuring an anti-slip patch that suctions directly to the phone,  students can easily carry the charger and phone together. This is great for grads that may not always carry a bag; it will easily fit in their pocket!   Now they won't be able to say they missed your call or text because their phone was dead.

Halo portable speakers are a great gift for the graduate who loves music. Our wireless speakers can be taken anywhere and play music directly through Bluetooth. It’s perfect for a dorm room study party or for events put on by campus clubs. Everyone will want to hang out with your rockin’ graduate!

Any of the Halo Bolts make an excellent and possibly life-saving gift. The Bolt is an easy way to keep your graduate safe, especially if they drive often. It eliminates the hassle and stress of searching for jumper cables; hoping to find someone to jumpstart your car. The charger and jumper cables fit neatly into a convenient carrying pouch, making it the perfect size for storage in a center console. The Bolt features a built in LED flashlight, an easy jumpstart button, and two USB’s, which allow for multiple devices to charge at the same time. The Bolt is the perfect gift for a commuting student, or a grad that has just found a job in an unfamiliar area. It will give you piece of mind and them a backup plan.

Give your Grad a Halo and you give them the power to stay connected. At school and work. With new friends. To their favorite music. To new opportunities. The power to enjoy where life takes them on this new journey.

Halo is the perfect cool gift for your graduate. #PowerTheirLife.

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