Halo for College by Maddie Thumma

Halo for College

July 19, 2017

The transition to college is an exciting time for students commuting or living on campus. It's a brand new chapter in their life.  Help make the transition as easy as possible - give them a bunch of family photos, schedule random visits, and, make sure they have the tech tools to keep them connected.

Halo products are a must-have for college students. Your commuter will love the Halo Bolt! (You’ll also love the peace of mind!) College commuters often drive home late after classes, they’ll appreciate the safety this portable powerhouse gives. No more worries about dead car batteries and late night phone calls.  Dorm students will also love the Bolt with it's ability to power their phone and their tablets at the same time. 

College is a time to meet new people. Students spend a lot of time in common areas, hanging out in groups. Late night study sessions, board games in the common room, or just sitting around listening to music; the possibilities for friendship are endless. The possibilities for dead phone batteries are also endless. Who wants to run back to their room to plug their phone into a wall outlet? And who wants to fight over the one outlet in the common area?

The Halo Bolt and the PowerHub are lightweight and portable, plus offer multiple connections to power multiple devices so your student and their friends can power up at the same time.  Music is a must-have for college students!  Halo Bluetooth speakers give students the best of both worlds - play music and charge their phones. Check out the Pulse and the PowerJam - great speakers, powerful music and the ability to charge your devices. 

Going from class to class will quickly drain battery power on your student's phone or tablet. Halo has a number of small, portable chargers to carry on the go.  A couple of examples include the Pocket Power 9000. It's an excellent everyday charger; powerful and small enough to fit in any backpack or tote bag. The Halo Square 5200 is another portable charger. Trendy, colorful and small, yet delivers the power. 

Is your student the type that only carries a phone and a tablet? The Halo 3000 PowerPatch is the charger for them. It features an anti-slip patch that suctions onto their phone, so they can easily carry the charger and device together.

No matter what your student's major is, where they are going to school, if they are a commuter or resident, your student can use a Halo charger. (And don't forget those family photos too!)

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