How To Make Your Phone Last Longer by Maddie Thumma

How To Make Your Phone Last Longer

January 26, 2017

How to Make Your Phone Last Longer:

1. Dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness

This is pretty self-explanatory, the brighter the screen the more power the phone uses. Auto brightness changes the darkness and brightness of the screen as you need it, this will conserve battery power.

2. Keep the screen timeout short

Try changing the timeout settings to turn off after 30 seconds or less instead of turning off after a minute or two.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Your phone searching for Bluetooth devices are a big battery killer, turning off your Bluetooth until you need it is a good way to conserve power.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi

Similar to Bluetooth, having your phone constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks to connect to can kill your battery fast. Turn off your Wi-Fi until you need to use it.

5. Go easy on the location services, and GPS

GPS and other location services can use a lot of power, so go easy on the location tracking.

6. Don't leave apps running in the background

Close out your apps every so often to make sure you aren’t running any extra apps in the background.

7. Don't use vibrate

A ringtone only has to make a tiny membrane in your phone's speaker vibrate enough to produce sound. When your phone is set to vibrate, the vibration motor rotates a small weight to make your whole phone shake, which uses a lot more power.

8. Turn off non-essential notifications

Calls, texts, those are important. Spotify has a recommendation? Not so important. Turning off those notifications can save a lot of power.

9. Wait for your email

Having your phone check for emails all the time can use a lot of power. Try changing the settings to check every 15 minutes; your emails can wait.

10. Power-saving modes

Turning on the power-saving mode is probably the easiest thing you could do to spare your battery life. It’ll limit some of the capabilities of your phone, but it's worth the energy savings.

Most of these suggestions will have only a little impact on battery life, but combined, they can be useful. Remember, it’s worth rebooting your phone from time to time, rather than leaving it in sleep mode all the time; it’s good to give your phone a rest. Of course, if these changes seem unbelievable to you, you might want to invest in a portable charger.

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