Life Savers and Time Savers by Maddie Thumma

Life Savers and Time Savers

March 18, 2017

The Bolt 57720 and Bolt ACDC 58830: Life Savers and Time Savers


Let’s face it, having your car battery die sucks. Fumbling with the cables, looking up on your phone how to jump a car, convincing a stranger to help you jump your car…it’s just unpleasant all around. The HALO Bolt is essential; or to put it more elegantly, HALO staff Mike Silva explains why his favorite product is the Bolt:


"In a world where technology can often contribute to a disconnect between individuals, once in a while an amazing product comes along that elicits empathy and happiness between strangers. That’s why I choose the HALO BOLT product line as my absolute favorite. I’ve read and heard countless customer stories about their experience using a simple, compact and yet powerful device that ANYONE can use to help others in need. These feel-good stories illustrate how this particular product helps to empower our customers to make a positive difference in their day or someone else’s. It happens so often, they’ve coined the term Halo-Hero for those who’ve had the perspective of being able to power-it-forward.  These remarkable stories help invigorate all of us to continue innovating and striving to deliver even greater value in developing products that will help Halo power your life.”

Being a Halo-Hero is good, but what about the pure convenience of the Halo Bolt ACDC? For that, our Director of Operations Patrick Keenan describes why it’s his favorite product:


“I love this item because it is the ultimate in at home power convenience.  People often give me a funny look when I tell them that I don’t ever plug my laptop, cell phone, or tablet into the wall anymore because they have never experienced how great it is to be untethered.  I am able to work outside and ensure my laptop and phone stay fully charged for hours on end.  Moving around from my home office to my family room with my computer is simple too.  Often my wife and I have our computers open in the evening and there is only one seat that is close to the outlet – the ACDC solves that problem!”

What about using the Bolt during emergencies? How does it hold up then? Our Executive Marketing Associate, Kaitlyn Nystrom, has had some experience in this:


"My favorite HALO item is most definitely the Bolt! I had to use it two days in a row last month because I got to my car and my battery was dead, and it saved the day and started right up! It is also great to bring on long weekend trips, so you can use that to keep charged without having to worry about finding a wall outlet.”

Whether you want to be a Halo-Hero, or you like having your own personal outlet, or you just want some piece of mind in the car–the HALO Bolt is for you.

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