Our Top Picks For Father's Day by Maddie Thumma

Our Top Picks For Father's Day

June 06, 2017

Father’s Day is June 18th and we know that dads can be some of the hardest people to shop for. You don’t want to give a gift that they’ll never use (we’re looking at you, unused collection of ties). So what do you get the dad who refuses to tell you what they want? Power. 

If your dad loves to drive, try the Halo Bolt 57720 or the ACDC 58830.


The Bolt comes in tons of colors and patterns; it’s something they will use in and out of the car. It could be a lifesaver for your dad if he’s out driving and his car battery dies. No more searching for someone with jumper cables, the Bolt will charge up his car battery in no time and he'll be back on the road.

The Bolt is perfect if your dad loves the outdoors too. It’s lightweight and can charge multiple devices fully, making it a camping essential. Give him the gift that keeps on giving with the Bolt.

Speaking of camping…The Halo PowerHub 5000 mAh Portable Charging Station is another must-have for the dad who loves camping. Picture him standing by the side of a lake, his map falls in the water and now he's lost his directions. He pulls out his phone and that’s dead too. With the PowerHub, he can charge his phone, his portable GPS, his flashlight, his lantern, an electric kettle, anything and everything he needs when out on that camping trip.Whew! No more worries about lost navigation tools!

What about the workaholic father? Stop thinking about all the tie sales, enough with the sub par gifts. The Halo Square 5200mAh Portable Cell Phone and Tablet Charger is small enough to fit in a briefcase and can power his phone and tablet. It’s perfect for the businessman on the go.


But what if your dad doesn’t carry a brief case? Try the Halo 3000 mAh Powerpatch Portable Charger or the Men’s Power Wallet 3000 mAh with RFID protection. The powerpatch suctions directly to his phone, allowing for an easy fit into his pocket. The power wallet does double-duty as both a wallet and a charger. It’s sure to please and get a ton of use.


Going for a more celebratory vibe? Try the Halo Pulse 4000! He can listen to all of his favorites via Bluetooth. From weird 80’s rock hits to even weirder boring jazz music. Your dad will love our powerful speaker and charger in one. He can listen to his music wirelessly while grilling, working out, anything you can think of! The pulse is perfect for any dad.



Still haven’t decided what to get? Browse all of our top picks for dad here and remember to pick up a card! 

Give your Dad the gift he can use every day. At work. At sporting events. Cheering the kids on at their activities.  At home.  

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