Power Up Your Vacation With Halo! by Maddie Thumma

Power Up Your Vacation With Halo!

July 07, 2017

Meet your newest travel companion: Halo Portable Chargers. But which one will be best for your trip? Obviously we’d like to say all of them, but here are some of our picks:

The Halo PowerHub is perfect for a family on vacation. It totes 5000 mAh of power and can charge up to six USB devices at the same time. Power your camping lamp, phones, GPS device, everything.


Along with the PowerHub, you might want to try the Halo PowerJam. This powerful (6000 mAh to be exact) portable speaker will make a great addition to any camping trip. It can charge your devices and play music via Bluetooth. Your family will be singing Kumbaya in no time with the PowerJam.

The Halo 6,000 Phone Charger is great for hiking; it’s small enough to fit in any pocket, purse, or backpack. It’s also powerful enough to power your phone, iPod, GPS device, whatever you need! (We recommend downloading a trail map on your phone, speaking from limited hiking experience) Plus it’s super cute for those post-hike pics. It’s also perfect for planes! Look how nicely it fits onto a tray table:


That’s right, all of our chargers can be put into carry-on luggage. That includes the powerhouse Halo Bolt which can jump start your car (Road trip recommended and approved!), plus charge multiple devices at once. Traveling by air?  Be the #HaloHero on the plane and charge your whole row at once!


Traveling with a small purse, we have tons of smaller chargers that’ll keep you looking #VacationFresh and powered up your whole vacation. The Halo Square is honestly the best. It’s this writer’s favorite Halo product, and it fits in any small purse or pocket. It keeps your phone or iPad charged all day. The Charge-It is another great solution for those who don’t want to carry a bulky charger. It has pockets for credit cards or cash and even a reflective mirror!

This is the Halo 3000 Phone Charger, also awesome and perfect for travel.

What about a stay-cation? We got you too! The Halo Pulse 4000 is great at an exotic beach, or just by the local pool! You’ll be the life of the party playing music via Bluetooth and charging your phone at the same time. Also it has LED lights to really get the party going after dark.

Halo is your go-to place for vacation necessities, Halo and the nearest place that sells potato chips. Power your summer with #HaloFun. And make sure to tag us in your awesome vacation photos with #WhereIsHalo!

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