The Halo Pulse 4000 by Maddie Thumma

The Halo Pulse 4000

March 25, 2017

What is our staff talking about this week? The Pulse.

The HALO Pulse 4000 is probably one of the most useful wireless speakers ever. It connects to your device via Bluetooth or aux cable (if your signal is poor) and plays music loudly and clearly. While most speakers drain your battery, the Pulse provides a standard USB cable and a micro USB cable so you can charge your device while you listen to music. On top of all of this ­– it’s fun. The Halo Pulse 4000 lights up with multiple LED color choices and comes in four different colors. It is pretty much guaranteed to bring the party. And we at HALO are obsessed:

"My wife and I actually used the Pulse to have a “disco” the other day when we had friends over.”

-Andrew Jones, HALO Staff

“I love having a portable speaker and charger for my phone! The Pulse is perfect for outdoor yoga!”

-Jessica Gregory, HALO Project Manager

Whether you’re doing yoga, having a disco, or are just listening to your music – The Halo Pulse 4000 is perfect for anything you could think of!

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