The Halo Square 5200: Power Comes In Small Packages by Maddie Thumma

The Halo Square 5200: Power Comes In Small Packages

March 11, 2017

The HALO Square 5200 is Awesome

The HALO Square 5200 is probably the cutest, most powerful, and convenient portable charger ever. It’s easy to use, providing two USB ports and a mini flashlight, so you can power two devices and find all the junk in the bottom of your bag. At least that’s what this writer would use the flashlight for. The small size allows it to fit in any purse or even a pocket. It’s honestly the perfect size for a portable charger.

Or as Patrick Keenan, our Director of Operations puts it:

"The Square 5200 is my favorite as it is extremely compact but provides enough power to recharge my phone twice before needing to be recharged.  I bring this with me when I am going to be out for the day since it comfortably fits in my pocket and I don’t have any concerns about my battery running low.  We have one for everyone in our family and the different color choices allow us all to have a unique color rather being stuck with black/grey as is so common with other portable power brands.”

But he’s not the only HALO staff fan:

"My favorite product is the Square. Purely because they are small and pack a good punch of power.”

-Andrew Jones, HALO Staff

"My favorite would be the Square 5200 because of its compact size, large capacity and awesome colors! It’s great, it’s so tiny, but charges my book reader 4 times before I need to charge it!”

-Jessica Reed, Customer Experience Associate 

And Jessica even gave us a picture of her Square 5200 next to her book reader.

So, the HALO Square 5200 is awesome. Any questions?

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