What Product Can You Not Live Without? (Staff Edition) by Maddie Thumma

What Product Can You Not Live Without? (Staff Edition)

January 23, 2017

Welcome to Staff Love Monday! We asked our staff what products they can’t live without and we hope it will inspire you to find your own favorite product.

Our Executive Marketing Assistant Kaitlyn Nystrom writes:

“My favorite HALO item is most definitely the Bolt! I had to use it two days in a row last month because I got to my car and my battery was dead, and it saved the day and started right up! It is also great to bring on long weekend trips, so you can use that to keep charged without having to worry about finding a wall outlet.”

Michelle Silva also loves the Bolt! She writes:

“Definitely the Bolt… here are a few reasons why…

My sister lives on Boston and her car was dead. She was nervous about getting to work late but then she had her Bolt… She couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and she jump started her car and got to work on time.

My uncle in VT uses a tractor to plow when they get snowstorms. For years he needed to jump-start the tractor the old fashion way with another vehicle. Now with the Bolt it is so easy to get the tractor started and when it is below 0 with the wind chill and they have a foot of snow… anything to make the snow cleanup process easier is a wonderful help… he has used it over a dozen times.”

The Bolt is so powerful you can use it to jump your car multiple times a week and it can even get a tractor going. Halo is improving the lives of our staff and we hope it will improve your lives as well. Be on the lookout for another staff love post to hear all about our favorite products!

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