When's The Worst Time Your Phone Can Die: A Story by Maddie Thumma

When's The Worst Time Your Phone Can Die: A Story

January 16, 2017

We’ve all had that moment, your phone is at 10% and you’re frantically trying to keep it alive just a little longer. But when’s the worst time your phone can die? When you’re about to go to a concert? When you’re really feeling your outfit? On the way to the most photogenic park? No, it’s when you’re lost.

I’ve lived in the same place since I was 3, you’d think I’d know where everything was by now. I have memories of reading maps, and then printing out step-by-step directions off the Internet. Then we got our first GPS and even though it sent us to the wrong place every so often, it was still life changing. Fast-forward to today, I use my phone GPS to get everywhere. Even while traveling routes that I’ve gone over a million times, I’ll still have my GPS on in the background just to be safe.

One day the unthinkable happened, my phone died while I was on my way back from work one day. This happened to be the day I left my car charger in my boyfriends’ car and (like a fool) I thought my full phone battery could last the whole day. Power saving mode was on, I thought I would get lucky. I left work with about 15% remaining and I was panicking. I frantically reviewed the route in the hopes of memorizing the directions and I set off.

It was going well, I glanced down maybe 3 or 4 times and I was almost halfway home. I gained confidence and I thought everything would be okay. Then I heard the worst sound anyone who is directionally challenged can hear, the familiar “powering down” tune of my phone. It was as if someone had placed me in an alien world. I didn’t recognize anything, the signs could’ve been written in another language. I was hopelessly lost almost immediately.

I turned off the radio, as if it would help me see my surroundings. I drove more cautiously and pulled off the highway with the hopes I could recognize a store or a landmark. Nope. It was a terrible decision. I ended up someplace that started with a K that I had never heard of before, but it had a lot of McDonald’s that looked like my local McDonald’s. I began cursing my lack of a charger and my surprising lack of directional sense (actually it’s not that surprising).

To make a long story short, I drove until I saw a sign for a hospital that I knew was near my house and I followed that until it eventually led me home, a full hour later than it would normally take me. Ever since then I keep one portable charger with me at all times and I always have my car charger in my car. Power is a necessity, especially when you have no sense of direction.

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