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HALO Bolt & Replacement Accessories


Frustrated by power outages, dead car batteries or dying digital devices? Not anymore with the top-selling HALO Bolt Power Bank. This portable powerhouse goes anywhere you do, whether you keep it at home, stash it in your vehicle or take it traveling for power on the go. The HALO AC DC power bank is small enough to pack with you, yet powerful enough to charge your array of digital devices and even jumpstart your car. Find the Bolt and replacement accessories right here.

Halo Bolt Uses

Keep your digital devices up and running for the long haul. The HALO Bolt is a powerful charger that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. That means your laptop, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player can all share the recharging power. That also makes the Bolt a favorite for families on long road trips as well as businesspeople on the go.

Use your Bolt at home and you have an instant backup power supply during outages. Weather the storm with grace and ease by simply using the HALO Bolt on the devices you need when the power is out.

Jumpstarting your car or other vehicle is another option. Rather than waiting hours for a tow truck or searching for someone with jumper cables, you can hook up the Bolt car charger to get up and running in a jiffy. It's an absolute must-have for teen drivers or college students to help keep them safe.

Customize Your Halo

One more perk is the ability to customize your HALO bolt to suit your style. Opt for a branded power bank that features your business logo and personalized message. Going for a custom power bank gives you the oomph you need to run your digital devices or jumpstart your vehicle, along with the potency to wow the crowd with your customized bolt.

The HALO Bolt gives you much more than just a charger. It provides safety, security and peace of mind. Shop the best-selling Bolt and Bolt replacement accessories today.