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HALO Set of 2 LED Telescoping Flashlights



Innovative, lightweight and easy to use, the HALO Telescoping Flashlight is not an ordinary flashlight, designed with a telescoping head that extends almost 26" to shine light into tight spaces and around corners. The HALO LED Telescoping Light provides a powerful LED flood light and a telescoping flashlight. In addition, it includes visual warning, strobe and SOS distress light modes and a convenient magnetic pickup feature. The built in magnetic tip was created to pick up small metal objects fallen just out of reach.


  • Two telescoping flashlights, each with three LR44 batteries and three LR03 batteries.


  • Includes two telescoping LED flashlights, each with three LR44 batteries, three AAA batteries, and a gift box
  • 30 LED bulbs per flashlight
  • White light, solid red, or, flashing red emergency mode
  • Flexible, extendable magnetic head with over 15" of reach retrieves small metal objects in confined or dark spaces
  • Magnetic base helps free your hands
  • Built-in metal semi-ring for hanging light
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Weight: 6.7 oz
  • Measurement: 10"L x 1"D inches


    Operating Instructions

    Halo LED Telescoping Flashlight Operating Instructions

    Type: Flashlight