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Not all portable chargers are created equal, something you'll quickly discover when you check out the collection of chargers from HALO. Not only do they do the job of charging up your devices in a flash, but they look incredibly sleek while doing so. Our chargers are fashionably innovative, equipping you with the latest technology and streamlined looks that exude a powerful professional edge.

Versatile, Powerful Chargers

Halo portable chargers come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to fit a vast range of needs, moods and personalities. One of our most powerful models, the Smart Charging Hub, can accommodate up to six devices, charging them all at the same time. Choose from smaller Halo chargers with one or two USB ports if you're looking for a smaller purse or pocket model that easily travels with you wherever you go.

Our HALO Portable Power Cube even has a built-in wall plug and car charger so it can make the transition from vehicle to home or office with ease.  The HALO Sleek 3500 is one of our most sophisticated chargers, featuring a built-in AC wall plug and two built-in cables. The micro USB and certified MFI lightning cables ensure you don't have to take extra cables along to charge up your Android or Apple smartphones. It can even charge up both devices at once.

Fashion Power

The HALO Sleek 3500 comes in five different colors, and it's not the only charger that boasts a stylish look. The HALO Charge-It 3000 includes a RFID card wallet in a handful of different designs. You'll also find lipstick portable chargers and a charger with a fashion cable. Browse the brilliant selection now at HALO.