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HALO Pulse 4000


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Listen To Music. Have A Light Show. Charge Your Phone. All At Once!

Listen to your favorite music anywhere, anytime with the Halo Pulse 4000.  Light, portable and powerful, you can now have music anywhere you are. Once you see what the HALO PULSE 4000 can do, it will be both your favorite Bluetooth Speaker and favorite portable phone charger!

First, the Halo Pulse fills the room with it's loud, clear sound! Just pair it up with your favorite music and you're good to go!  Next, the LED colorful lights actually PULSE to the beat of the music you're playing and changes colors! Now you can have your very own light show!

Last but not least, the Halo Pulse recharges your smart phones, tablets and small electronic devices.

The HALO PULSE 4000 is your portable party! Music, light show, portable charger.  This is sure to become one of your favorite HALO devices!


  •  HALO PULSE 4000
  • Standard USB to Micro USB Cable
  • AUX Audio Cable
  • Operating Instructions


  • 4000mAh Capacity
  • Weight: 21 ounces


HALO Pulse 4000 Operating Instructions