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Women's Power Wallet 3000 w/RFID Protection



Tech-savvy necessity meets fashion-forward accessory in this revolutionary HALO charging wallet with RFID technology. It's everything you need to stay powered up with added protection on the go.
What makes the HALO wallet charger special? It takes the power and convenience of HALO's all-in-one portable charging device and combines it with a stylish and functional wallet. No need to pack another device on your night out--this one does it all. Even better, RFID technology helps protect your information and helps guard against identity theft.
What can it charge? With micro USB, 30-pin, and lightning charging tips, it charges most smartphones, handheld gaming systems, and more--including Android devices and newer Apple(R) products like the iPhone(R) 5. 
Why do I need RFID shielding technology? Items such as credit cards, passports, and driver's licenses are often equipped with an RFID chip, which contains information that identity thieves are looking for. A quick scan can give them access to your bank accounts and more. RFID shielding technology helps ensure that you can carry your wallet with confidence.
Will it hold my ID and credit cards? With seven slots, there's plenty of room for all your cards, as well as a zipper compartment for change. And it's all in an eye-catching wallet available in the color that suits your personality.

Not all cards contain RFID technology - this product only helps protect cards with RFID technology

  • Includes RFID wallet with removable 3,000mAh HALO charger; micro USB, 30-pin, and lightning charging cables; and USB charging cable
  • 3,000mAh power
  • Charges mobile phones, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, and more
  • Compatible with devices that utilize micro USB, 30-pin, or lightning chargers, including newer Apple(R) iPhone(R) devices
  • RFID technology helps guard against identity theft
  • Seven credit card slots
  • Zipper change compartment
  • Manmade material
  • USB port
  • Approximate measurements: Closed 8"W x 4-1/4"L; Open: 8"W x 8-3/4"L; weighs 9 oz
  • 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Operating Instructions

HALO Women's RFID Wallet Operating Instructions